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Wild Nights are coming!!!
jugularjaguar wrote in furrywildnights
     Greetings Potential Recruits, Soldiers, Support Personnel, VIP's, and Contractors!

Operation Wild Nights is gearing up for its third year and we are looking forward to your attendance. This year is Boot Camp: Basic Training. We, the new Furry Fandom Force, offer a new vision of the armed (pawed?) forces.  Our regiment consists of the following:

Guests of Honor

* Eris,  Artist, Fursuiter and Maker as well as a fine performer,

* Kwaz, the Drumming Raccoon, for your entertainment will be offering two performances of his one raccoon show,

* Max De Groot, Parody singer, acclaimed musician who has produced a Top Ten song on Dr. Demento,

* Pacer Fox, Mascot Performer, skilled exhibitor of the visual arts

Something for just about everyone!

Also on Saturday, for the first time appearing at any furry event, a musical play: RhubarbCub's "Julie Bunny Must Die".  This work has played at the Orlando Fringe Festival
and played in the Vandivort Center Theatre in Springfield, MO.  Admission is included with your attendance to Wild Nights!

An Army moves on its stomach and so do we. Your registration includes 6-8 prepared meals in the  mess hall.  We're not talking MRE's either, but darn good cooked food!

And all this is in addition to the events you have come to expect from Wild Nights, including Predator and Prey, Whose Paw Is This Anyway, Crafting Workshops, and fun around the campfire, as well as a chance to relax in the great outdoors.

If you can make it, please go ahead and pre-register! Pre-registration is open until April 10th, or one more month.  We use pre-registration numbers to determine things like how much food to buy and what's needed in terms of events, so pre-registering helps us out a lot ahead of time.  As a reminder, if you register at the door, the price is $55.00 for the
event instead of $40.00.  That's a $15.00 discount for pre-registering (and paying ahead of time). To join up, go to our website at:

Create an account if you have not done so, and then click the 'Enlist' button.  You'll be glad you did!

If you are a returning recruit and you can enlist others to join us you can get credit towards your own membership.

Still not enough for you?  Open-air dances, a marksmanship event (check the rules page about bringing your own firearms), and crafting panels where you make something of your own.  The New Furry Forces is a more relaxed force, taking a break from the stress of constant training.   If you wish, hang around the camp fire, participate in scavenger hunts or Predator Prey
games, join in a hike up to Robbers Cave itself, or just go exploring.

Your registion includes a place to stay with dorm style stone cabins or, if you wish, you can bring and pitch your own tent on the grounds at no additional charge.

So register now, do your part and join up at

As always feel free to share this with your local mailing list, blog, etc.  Help us spread the word!

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Oklahoma City "Critter Caravan"

I'm planning a "Critter Caravan" and breakfast furmeet, most likely the morning of Thursday, April 21. We've just started working on details, but we appear to have a location, and will likely be meeting at 10 AM for breakfast, and planning on hitting the road at 12 noon.

As details are finalized, they will be posted in the "Ride Share Board" at

Contact me at:
k1darkknight on Yahoo IM & AIM

Re: Oklahoma City "Critter Caravan"

Hey great someone else who organizes. Always love to hear that. Post the details here when you get a chance.

Re: Oklahoma City "Critter Caravan"

Yep, yep, I moved. I am down here in Norman Ok. now.

I think your idea is great actually. I think you are really on to something there.

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