Wild Nights are coming!!!

     Greetings Potential Recruits, Soldiers, Support Personnel, VIP's, and Contractors!

Operation Wild Nights is gearing up for its third year and we are looking forward to your attendance. This year is Boot Camp: Basic Training. We, the new Furry Fandom Force, offer a new vision of the armed (pawed?) forces.  Our regiment consists of the following:

Guests of Honor

* Eris,  Artist, Fursuiter and Maker as well as a fine performer,

* Kwaz, the Drumming Raccoon, for your entertainment will be offering two performances of his one raccoon show,

* Max De Groot, Parody singer, acclaimed musician who has produced a Top Ten song on Dr. Demento,

* Pacer Fox, Mascot Performer, skilled exhibitor of the visual arts

Something for just about everyone!

Also on Saturday, for the first time appearing at any furry event, a musical play: RhubarbCub's "Julie Bunny Must Die".  This work has played at the Orlando Fringe Festival
and played in the Vandivort Center Theatre in Springfield, MO.  Admission is included with your attendance to Wild Nights!

An Army moves on its stomach and so do we. Your registration includes 6-8 prepared meals in the  mess hall.  We're not talking MRE's either, but darn good cooked food!

And all this is in addition to the events you have come to expect from Wild Nights, including Predator and Prey, Whose Paw Is This Anyway, Crafting Workshops, and fun around the campfire, as well as a chance to relax in the great outdoors.

If you can make it, please go ahead and pre-register! Pre-registration is open until April 10th, or one more month.  We use pre-registration numbers to determine things like how much food to buy and what's needed in terms of events, so pre-registering helps us out a lot ahead of time.  As a reminder, if you register at the door, the price is $55.00 for the
event instead of $40.00.  That's a $15.00 discount for pre-registering (and paying ahead of time). To join up, go to our website at:


Create an account if you have not done so, and then click the 'Enlist' button.  You'll be glad you did!

If you are a returning recruit and you can enlist others to join us you can get credit towards your own membership.

Still not enough for you?  Open-air dances, a marksmanship event (check the rules page about bringing your own firearms), and crafting panels where you make something of your own.  The New Furry Forces is a more relaxed force, taking a break from the stress of constant training.   If you wish, hang around the camp fire, participate in scavenger hunts or Predator Prey
games, join in a hike up to Robbers Cave itself, or just go exploring.

Your registion includes a place to stay with dorm style stone cabins or, if you wish, you can bring and pitch your own tent on the grounds at no additional charge.

So register now, do your part and join up at http://www.wildnights.org

As always feel free to share this with your local mailing list, blog, etc.  Help us spread the word!
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Omg its killing me waiting to see any videos of the variety show that shows the dating game and the fursuit auction!! Does anyone have these videos or know if someone uploaded them yet?

home safe

After over 350 mile and a few stops for safety's sake I got us home safely. Thank you Every One for making WN2010 a blast.

Also, I wish to ask opinions before I make this offer. I have worked for the state of Texas for 7 years in corrections. Could my experience be useful as a security at next years con. I appreciate any response positive or negative.

Wild Nights Newsletter # two

Just a little longer,...

Till Wild Nights start happening again. Yes, Wild Nights
are about to happen again in Wilburton Oklahoma April
22nd, Thursday through and till Monday. We also go hang
out after the con also so who knows when the fun actually

This is what you get with your paid admission. Food!
Yes we are one of the few cons that feed you through
out the convention. We offer up to 3 meals a day through
out the con and you can expect some pretty hardy food

A place to rest your weary head. Wild Nights is in
the Robber's Cave state park and there are cabins that you
share with your fellow attendees with beds provided.
Just keep in mind that there is a limited number of
cabins and beds provided so get that registration in soon.
Just need to gather up your sleeping bag or bed roll with
your pillow and you are set!

So you have food to eat and a place to stay there is also
many events to do. Both active and just relaxing. In addition
to the variety show, dances, the big camp fire to hang around
at there is also Predator/ Prey, a great outdoor game which
keeps you on your toes. We also are offering this year if
you want to give it a try is leather working for a nominal
fee for the leather.

There are some great folks to see also. Crys the Hybrid, one
of the guests of Honor will be providing panels on Fursuit
construction and art. So look to see her there and start
saving up your questions To see her panels and other events
go to http://www.wildnights.org/schedule as a majority of the
schedule is now posted for your viewing and pre-planning.

There is also Tzup, that mangy flea bitten mutt who is a mascot
from Australia who will be there to host instructional panels
and events. Feel free to torment this guest as he thrives on
negative attention. Go to the website to learn more about him
or better yet forget we mentioned that we have him there.

Join us at Wild Nights for the charity auction to benefit
Safari Sanctuary. In our auction your donation can benefit
you also with a credit of what your donation sales for
goes back to you so you can use that to bid also for what you
might want. So bring all you can and help the charity also.

Do you have artwork for the con book? The deadline for that is
coming up soon so get with us as soon as you can. To submit
artwork, advertising or a story shoot an email to

For all this to happen we need your registration as soon as you
can. Your pre-registration helps buy the stocks of food for the
con, secures the campsite and the more registrations that come in
we can do more for you, the attendee. So please register now.

Please help promote Wild Nights by sharing a flier, adding a banner,
posting this on your local mailing list, or just passing the word
by asking others about it. http://www.wildnights.org/promo

For more information about us you can twitter us at https://twitter.com/WNMESA
or Live Journal updates Furrywildnights on Live Journal

What is your Story from last Year's Con?

Even though I had a blast at last year's Wild Nights I never posted it. I thought I should because I know folks do like to read about cons before they attend them to get a better idea of what happens at them. So here goes. I kinda sort of had a map to get there but like most roads in Oklahoma getting there might mean the roads are not well marked. Now if I had taken major highways to get there I should have gotten there faster and easier but I took the shortest route which took me though a lot of small towns and was more direct. Direct does not mean faster especially when you miss your turn and don't want to turn around until you have to. That was my case going there though I found a cool junk store on my way there. I did not buy anything there but it was darn full of stuff.

I eventually got to the con and pretty much the con is very laid back seeing it was in first year and only had a month to promote itself at that time. So very low attendance which is a darn good thing sometimes when you are a fursuiter. It hankers to the day of old cons and you knew everyone there and spent more time with everyone there doing something. That is what this was I would say for me. Now I did bring Marbles, my cat with me, and she stayed in the cabin but that was a nice thing as the furs got to meet her. Most cons everyone brings their dog so she was kept inside at all times. She had her own place inside the closet and we let her roam inside a bit at night.

Now sadly I did sleep a lot taking naps during the day as my working 3rd shift really gets to me at cons now in days. But I think the best things was folks getting me involved in things at the con. We went into town and did some fursuiting there. I went there first with Pistol Pup and the reaction was the best I have ever had from folks. We were stalked by some younger kids in their vehicle who kept hooking as they drove by each time. There were the trains that they work on, on a side street which was a blast also. I was able to get on those and get some photos taken with them. We later got together and did a more formal fursuit parade in town and that was well received also. So all that was great. We did a lot of fun by the fire place. I mean all sorts of well antics. I cannot say here but it was really cool. Pistol Pup kept me busy and I think that is one of the best things you can do at a con is get people involved and that way they have fun. Now I did do some other things we walked up to Robber's cave taking the old Conservation Corps trail. Oh man that was a nice challenge. We took that way so we could later see if we wanted to do it in suit and yes we did. In suit. Gah that was a lot of fun and the sights up there were fantastic. I think this is the best part of the being outdoors. We did some exploring and found some old buildings which make for great photo shots. All this was for later when we climbed up there again, this time in suit. Mind you this is not the easiest thing to do in suit but man I think it was well worth it just to be able to do it. Nothing like being able to do that when the young furries are struggling to do it. I think being in suit often gives you that extra stamina that you need sometimes.

We later did the Variety show which is always a big deal for me. I got involved in setting that up and we did some skits one of which went over really well which was the Furry version of Sham Wow. Keegan and Oki helped with that and it was a blast. And of course we did some drinking. Nothing too much cuz I know Drazil will see this and point that part out. :) I am not a lush I am a character actor and learning to portray Calamity I have to do research. I recall bringing a bottle of wine which was, well not that good. Yep Mirkendesser even called it out. But he waited for me first to make my comments on how icky it was of a wine. Then later he finished that one bottle off. Go figure.

We went out and about in the park in suit finding a lot of nice areas for photo shots. I think the outdoors is like the best area for these kinda of photos. Just a matter of getting someone to shoot the photos and later getting the photos or video back from them.

I think all in all it was a blast that I needed.

For more info about the con check it out as it is coming up this April


Marti Gras Parade in Norman OK

Yep that is the local yearly parade. We would be marching Feb 13th with the Little river zoo. It is Saturday Night and in Down town Norman OK. If you are interested I will pass on more details to you. I work that night but I really want to do a parade again and it is an easy way to help out the Little River Zoo.

Twitter! Now available for Wild Nights

Okay, it was asked for and now we have it. Just a matter of us figuring this out. Thank goodness
Warndog has offered to send the twitter posts out for me.

Anyway if you want your WN info Twittered to you here is the basic info. Keep in mind I am clueless on this thing right now so if I give out the wrong link just send me a post and I will
try again.

But here goes!