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Okay, it was asked for and now we have it. Just a matter of us figuring this out. Thank goodness
Warndog has offered to send the twitter posts out for me.

Anyway if you want your WN info Twittered to you here is the basic info. Keep in mind I am clueless on this thing right now so if I give out the wrong link just send me a post and I will
try again.

But here goes!

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Kobi Needs your help
Kobi Lacroiux is having some medical issues with his teeth.  I am hoping he will post his pay Pal soon but let him know if you can help

Kobi is the creator of this fine artwork for Wild Nights

So please get with him and send him some tooth money

Hey this just in.  Kobi's Pay pal info

Many thanks

Newsletter 1
You can wait.

      Our webpage just needs a few more minutes for registering for the weekend plus long con, April 22nd to the 26th in
    Wilburton Oklahoma at the Robber's Cave National Park. The 5 day long con includes just about everything you would find at
    one of those hotel cons but the parking is free, No real stairs to be found, no Elevators and all the comforts of the
    Great Outdoors.  There is also some perks you will not find at the hotel furry cons.  Your paid admission gets you meals
    through out the con also.  Food
    and Fun, imagine that!!!

    Hang tight!

    Guests of Honor include Crys the Hybrid and someone else..  Talented artist that you can find on FA and also creator of
    fursuits and suits herself. She will be on hand with panels and costume creation to help you with your questions of how
    to do. Our other GoH is ummmm, someone important we are sure.  We will get back to him in this newsletter once we find
    our notes  unless we forget to.

    Hold on!

    There is more.  Events outdoors for the Fursuiters and everyone else. Games, Cooking contest Variety show, Dances, Real
    Campfires with real fire, activities including Predator/Prey, outdoor games, soccer, dodge ball. The area around Robber's Cave
    Park is well wooded and has many lakes and streams so fishing is a option, swimming, boating as well as Hiking around the
    park on the many trails. This will give you an idea of some of the going ons planned so far.

    Just a little longer!

    Are you an artist?  Interested in Art?  At Wild Nights look forward to seeing many artists selling and displaying what they have
    to offer in the Main Building of the Campsite through out the con.  There will be events for the artists including challenging
    art contests and ongoing convention long contests also.  If you are a photographer and you have photos from this last year we are
    looking for them for posting on the webpage and other promotions.   Please contact Joel (Heros) at

    Not much longer

    Now why register early?  Well you do save money for doing that is true.  But the most important reason is that we know how much
    food to buy so there is no running out or having to purchase at the last minute.  Travis, our head chef is great with his menu and
    knowing how much of what is needed and when.  Also with pre-regging we can see what other items we can add to the schedule to further
    enhance you time at the con.  So get that registration in as soon as you can and be counted .
    Wild Night's Registration opens September 1st   . to see is happening and updates. There is Live Journal
    also as a place to stay informed.

    Need some Privacy?

    Also there at the Park you can find Private cabins and there is also Belle Star Lodge for rooms with many more amenities.
    More information can be found here with prices

    Last items

    Our theme is Nature Calls, cute huh?   Anyway we are looking for Nice artwork for advertising, Con book and the webpage.
    Please send your art and ideas to Draconis
    For keeping in touch with the con There is the Wild Nights Forum on the webpage and Live Journal

    Oh and that other Guest of Honor is Tzup,  He does, um, Stuff.

    Please share this Newsletter with your local mailing list or forum
    See you soon.

Pre-reg for Wild Nights 2010 is now open!
Pre-registration for Wild Nights 2010 opened this weekend. for more details :)

Planning is already under way for this coming year and we have a lot of exciting events in the works, so stay tuned. We will have both Crys the Hybrid as well as Tzup this year for our two GOHs. I look forward seeing the very talented Crys the Hybrid, as well as our silly suiter friend Tzup being a riot as usual.

Last year was a blast and I hope to see you all there again this coming year.

-PistolPup (Event Director for Wild Nights)

PS: Oh, and I think Draconis has something up his sleeve for Tzup, but I just can't put my paw on it yet... Let the fun start.

Why hey hey hey!
Okay out there.  Get some furs to join this LJ.  Pimp out the con.  Talk about camping, Talk about the food that goes along with paid admission,
Talk about the Fursuit activities, downplay Tzup is a GoH at the con, Up play Crys the Hybrid is a GoH, The con is right around the corner so lets get this LJ a bit more crowded.

Wild Nights
Here is the first post of Mesa's Wild Nights. The Camping con in Oklahoma where you find Furry Fun and get fed also. The con is located at Robber's Cave National Park in Wilburton, OK in April 2010 Join our Guests of Honor, Crys the Hybrid and someone else of lesser importance for a weekend of games, singing, hiking, swimming, artistry, Fursuiting, Charity Auction benefiting Safari's Interactive Zoo and much more.

Crys will be there showing off her art skills
and the other GoH, that mutt, Tzup will do something also. Most likely Fursuiting related.

Keep in mind our theme for this year is Nature Calls so we are looking for your artwork for the webpage and con book so contact us via the webpage or post a comment here.

So feel free to post, ask questions, tell us what you would like to do or see.


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